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          The country's leading plant extracts, pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturer
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          Welcome to 2012 CPhI Shanghai

          DATE:2012-6-20 HIT:774
          June 26-28, 2012, Shanghai, Please visit our booth E3F10
          CPhI Worldwide 2012, along with co-located events ICSE (Contract Services) and P-MEC Europe (Pharmaceutical Machinery, Equipment and Technology) and InnoPack (Innovative Packaging Solutions), are an unrivalled networking and business event for the global pharma community. It brings your business face-to-face with potential customers, keeps you informed about the latest industry trends and helps you remain one step ahead of a constantly changing global market. 
          China's pharmaceutical market is forecasted to become the world's second largest pharma market in 2011. As the Healthcare Reform is progressing into an essential stage, China presents great opportunities for all international pharmaceutical companies to explore and benefit from.
          CPhI China is a sister brand of CPhI Worldwide - the "must attend" event in the international pharmaceutical industry. CPhI China and its co-located events are the most international pharmaceutical industry events in China. It brings 1,700 exhibitors and 27,000 attendees together - a unique gateway for you to: 
          • Meet with key decision makers in pharmaceutical industry from 102 countries, including China, India, US, UK, France, Italy, etc
          • Discover potential partners who can make the connection between products and local productivity
          • Find all major Chinese suppliers of pharmaceutical ingredients, outsourcing, equipment and bio-solutions in one location
          • Source ingredients and services at competitive prices
          • Learn about the latest innovations, technologies, trends and developments in China's pharmaceutical industry at the CPhI China Conferences
          • Network and gain access to one of the world's fastest growing pharmaceutical markets
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